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SysDev supplies scoring and event presentation systems to UK sporting venues, together with consultancy services such as stadium screen procurement. With past experience (dating from 1993) in LED screen design and manufacturing, digital out-of-home advertising, football, rugby, tennis and athletics, most of our current activity involves UK cricket grounds.

Products and Services


TechEvent is a supremely versatile event presentation package, suitable for a wide range of sporting presentations. TechEvent integrates seamlessly with TechScore and with other (third-party) scoring packages such as PCS Pro. Further interfaces have been implemented by SysDev with match timing systems and ball-speed radars. TechEvent can be used to present any event, sporting or otherwise.


TechScore is a software package designed for the live scoring of all forms of professional cricket matches onto stadium screens. TechScore provides a stable scoring platform with a wider range of data and graphical outputs than other scoring programs plus unique, fast-acting editing functions, enabling the correction of scoring errors which may have been made on any previous ball.


Services include system design and development, sports screen template design, match-day technical support and screen procurement consultancy.

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